Training contents

The Brainspotting treatment method can be practiced after completion of the Phase 1 training.

Strong recommendation: after some practical work, attend the constructive Phase 2 seminar with special techniques to further deepen your Brainspotting knowledge.

Recommendation: afterward become an internationally certified Brainspotting practitioner.

​Special Trainings:

Phase 3, Phase 4, and Masterclass are taught by the founder Dr. David Grand; the Intensive and the Seminar for Children and Young People are taught by Mag. Baumann.

Brainspotting is a further education for legally regulated health professions. In Austria the following professional groups are therefore authorized to attend trainings 

  • Clinical psychologists and health psychologists  
  • Psychotherapists who are registered in the list of psychotherapists of the Federal Ministry
  • Medical doctors in whose professional field the use of the method can be integrated

Find the certification process for internationally certified Brainspotting Practitioners here!

You can register for trainings here and also read feedback from previous attendees!


Phase 3

The first two days are dedicated to the latest developments in the Brainspotting Method ( this content is not taught in phases 1 + 2). 
Day 1: Advanced Gazespotting, expanded z-Axis Brainspotting (BrainSweeps and surroundings)

Day 2: Double Spotting, Parts-Spotting

Day 3, morning: The BSP sports trauma model (described in „This is your brain on Sports“ by Grand and Goldberg) is taught and demonstrated with a professional athlete. 15 guidelines for improving performance and creativity are presented.

Day 3, afternoon: Applying creativity enhancement will be presented, including a demonstration of BSP-Acting Coaching with a professional actor who will perform a monologue.

​Kids & Adolescents

Phase 4

This is an advanced, refined, innovative training in Brainspotting.

This seminar presents three video analyses of client sessions conducted by both Dr. Grand and participants.

Every morning, a video of a Brainspotting session is presented by Dr. Grand, which he then thoroughly analyzes. Interaction through interaction, with a high degree of interaction of the participants (comments and questions).

Each afternoon, Dr. Grand will present three different advanced Brainspotting techniques, which are

  • Dreamspotting
  • Expansion Model
  • Bodyspotting

Each technique is taught with a PowerPoint presentation, a live demo, and participant’s practice.



The three-day master class offers Brainspotting practitioners the opportunity to learn Brainspotting the way David Grand uses it in his practice. The curriculum is designed to provide an open, inclusive, free-form approach for use with clients in all diagnostic categories, including dissociative and relationship disorders.

The format includes several demonstrations with participants, role plays regarding the work with challenging cases brought in by the participants, and presentation of the latest Brainspotting innovations with vivid and open Q&A.

This type of learning offers extended groups the opportunity to experience and learn the most advanced, creative clinical treatments of Brainspotting right from its founder, Dr. Grand. 

Minimum requirement: Brainspotting Phase 1.
Phase 2 and 3 are recommended for participation.

On our list of practitioners, you will find all (internationally certified = the ones with a photo) BSP practitioners in Austria and some neighboring countries, these are the entries with photos.

A complete list can be found on the international site, linked here.