Brainspotting with Kids and Adolescents


Monika Baumann BrainspottingTrauma work with children and young people has long been an important area of work for Monika Baumann.

After her first Brainspotting training, it was already important to her to try this with the younger ones. Curious whether Brainspotting with children and adolescents would work - differently - she discussed this consideration with Dr. David Grand, the founder of Brainspotting. After reflecting and professionally dealing with the topic, she applied the technique more and more often to children and teenagers and achieved great success with it. She exchanged ideas with several international Brainspotting trainers afterward.

Humanitarian projects, which she has led in crisis areas, schools, or children's homes, for example, were ultimately the incentive to develop the two-day training Brainspotting with children and adolescents with the support of Dr. Martha Jacobi and Dr. David Grand. After realizing that the need is great, Monika Baumann extended the seminar by one more day in 2020 and added the parts work to it. She also compiled and published her knowledge of Brainspotting work with young clients in a book that year. You can find "Brainspotting with Children and Adolescents: An attuned treatment approach for effective brain-body healing" in the publications.

Individual lectures as well as this training have already been held in Paraguay, Brazil (at the first international Brainspotting congress), Spain, Vienna, and in the USA by Monika. Find more information (in German mostly) on our Blog.

The international demand for therapeutic Brainspotting work with children and adolescents is growing rapidly. Have a look at the dates to find out when the next training takes place in your area!