Brainspotting – Counseling with Marlene Sulek

My approach to Brainspotting  

Brainspotting grabbed my attention already when Monika Baumann called me the first time to ask if I wanted to come to the information event. That evening Brainspotting sparked my interest and I was hooked by enthusiasm, so I immediately completed Phase 1 and everything that followed. Since then I have been using Brainspotting in my work. I see this method as a valuable piece of the jigsaw puzzle in the treatment setting, which initiates remarkable changes in young and old alike. I am fascinated by the neurobiology behind it and above all how wonderfully the self-healing powers are stimulated. As a counselor, I am looking forward to all encounters and experiences connected with Brainspotting.



Clinical psychologist and health psychologist 

​Field of Work

Toddlers (from 2 years) until well advanced age  


  • distressing anger/rage reactions and fears  •  acute crisis/changes
  • coming to terms with trauma sequelae  • prenatal trauma  • performance / learning blockades


  • performance blockades (psychic/physical, e.g.: sport)  •  emotional blockades depressive symptoms  •  Work with dreams, fears, expansion of potential/creative spectrum
  • coming to terms with trauma sequelae


Offers online counseling!

Group counseling together with Roswitha Teml, always Thursdays, 10.00 – 12.00 (online, max. 5 participants):

  • 16.09.
  • 16.12. 

Please contact the counselor to arrange appointments!

​+43 664 45 95 914


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