Aid Project

Help for those affected by the war in Ukraine

During the second half of the year, we worked intensively together with Brainspotting Poland on a platform for the international humanitarian Brainspotting project, which has already started in spring 2022 – now we would like to present the website here

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The Website Brainspotting Help

…is a starting point and a pivotal point in helping refugees affected by the current war in Ukraine. Refugees or war-affected people from other parts of the world are also welcome to find free support here. In addition, the project also provides free supervision and webinars to help strengthen the work of aid workers. 

In the Background

…also Brainspotting Spain is involved and coordinating the money flows. So when you donate, “Asociación Española de Brainspotting” will appear on your statement. The greatest possible transparency has been one of the most important pillars of this project from the beginning, but the whole thing happens partly voluntarily and only a handful of people – in addition to their other tasks – take care of the handling of the aid. So we ask for your understanding that not everything is perfect yet but in the process of becoming it. For example, in addition to the currently available language options on the site, more will be added. 

Update 02/2024

In the meantime, the project has become a foundation. The look of the website has also changed a little and the website is available in even more languages. 

weißes Fragezeichen auf türkisem Hintergrund


If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us