Where we look, affects how we feel.....

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is a treatment method with the help of which
emotional and physical symptoms after emotional injuries and traumatic experiences
can be processed.

What is a Brain Spot?

This is a point in the visual field of vision that triggers a strong physical or emotional reaction in clients. The brain activity associated with this eye position can specifically activate conscious and unconscious trauma memories. Through a safe relationship with the practitioner, the activated trauma experiences can be reprocessed, integrated, and re-integrated.

How does a Brainspotting treatment look like?

During the treatment, the client's eyes slowly follow a pointer in the hand of the respective therapist. If a point is detected in the client's visual field that causes a physical reaction - e.g. a change in facial expression or a strong blinking of the eyes - a brain spot is identified. It is this brain spot that either evokes the memory of a traumatic episode or helps the client to feel towards it through the body.

What's behind all this?

Brainspotting activates deep regions in the brain where traumatic experiences are stored, as well as the regions of the body associated with the trauma - so far the assumption, since brain research has not yet reached clear results. The method aims to integrate both the emotional stress and physical symptoms associated with the traumatic episode in such a way that they are less severe or no longer felt by clients. 

The treatment method is still relatively new, but its rapid spread among therapists, psychologists and doctors is proof of its effectiveness. First studies can be found at "Pulications". In 2003 Brainspotting was discovered by Dr. David Grand and is still being developed today. Brainspotting Austria is the official Austrian representation of the Brainspotting teaching and is continuously guided and supported by Dr. Grand.

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