Brainspotting-Counseling with Katharina Hager

My approach to Brainspotting  

During my training as a clinical psychologist in acute psychiatry and the psychiatric day clinic, I was fortunate enough to experience how effective brainspotting is and how touched and enthusiastic the patients/clients are about it. From then on it was clear to me that I absolutely wanted to learn this technique. However, it was to take a few more years until I actually started the training. During this time I developed my hypnosystemic attitude and way of working, so I was able to put Brainspotting into this framework from the very beginning.

In recent years I have had the opportunity to use Brainspotting in the field of outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation of people with various physical difficulties (orthopedic, cardiological, metabolic, neurological, oncological, and pulmonological rehabilitation) as well as in private practice. 

I am inspired by how Brainspotting, in its profound yet gentle effectiveness, promotes the experience of self-efficacy. The technique makes it possible to experience that everything that is needed for beneficial personal development is already present in each person, at least to some extent.
The focus of my work lies in the support of people with chronic illnesses and all issues that can play a role in and around this. In particular, the work with neurological symptoms and/or pain.


Clinical psychologist and health psychologist 

Field of Work

Young adults up to an advanced age. 

Support with chronic illnesses, life crises, topics of personality development, psychosomatics, pain, as well as trauma and stress disorders. 

Offers online counseling.

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