Brainspotting – Counseling with Monika Baumann

My approach to Brainspotting   

Brainspotting “happened” to me when a colleague told me about it while working in a social project. After using it for the first time, I was impressed by its effectiveness and the quick access to the core issue. 
In the meantime, I use this method, which is so familiar to me, all the time in my psychological-therapeutic work – as a short-term intervention or as a tool when supporting clients for the long-term. Despite years of experience, I am always pleasantly surprised by how much I am able to get into the depths and how clients are thus able to quickly integrate what they have experienced. The neurobiology and what I was able to learn about the brain also confirms my experiences.

I am particularly fascinated by working with children, which is why I have also dealt with this subject area very intensively in my teaching (development of the children’s training) and continue to do so.


Clinical psychologist and health psychologist 
as well as Psychotherapist (Systemic family therapy, Child and youth psychotherapy) 
International Senior Trainer, Head of Brainspotting Austria, Seminar management + instruction, Counselor

Field of Work 

All age groups from newborns to the elderly.
Acute crisis situations or difficulties, emotional blockages, coming to terms with trauma sequelae,
Work with consequences of emotional injuries, and support in chronic illness.

Primary focus: treatment of children and adolescents! 

  • Group-Appointments

  • Individual Sessions or small groups by appointment

    Costs: €110 + Vat/Session unit


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