is a treatment method for all those who suffer from the consequences of trauma.
It is used by psychologists, psychotherapists, and medical doctors.

What is a trauma?

The translation of the Greek "τραύμα Trauma" is: injury.
This can be a physical wound or mental scarring.

We all experience emotional injuries during our personal development.

How does Brainspotting work?

Brainspotting comes into play where a load overstrains our natural self-healing powers.

Injuries often manifest as physical or emotional symptoms. These are different for each of us because we all react individually. Some examples are: inner restlessness, feeling paralyzed, insomnia, tension, and so much more.

Brainspotting creates access to blocked traumas via the visual system and body perception. It can thus provide long-lasting support for the effective processing and integration of such. Through physical access, emotional effectiveness can be achieved. Clients repeatedly report significant relief and even the disappearance of symptoms.


How it all started?

Brainspotting was discovered in 2003 by the New York psychotherapist Dr. David Grand and then developed further with the support of an ever-growing practitioner community.

Brainspotting Austria is the only institution in Austria certified by Dr. David Grand / Brainspotting Trainings LLC. ​

We teach the internationally recognized Brainspotting Training and are always up to date regarding further developments. Senior instructor Monika Baumann as the head of the institute stands for continuous up-to-dateness on all levels.

What is Brainspotting? (Interview with Monika Baumann | in German)

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