Free professional BSP exchange [in German!]

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, Mag. Baumann reacted immediately at the beginning of it and created this online exchange for Brainspotting practitioners in order to ensure that as many patients as possible continue to be well cared for. Since the appointments from April to June have shown how important and enriching these meetings were, we are continuing the exchange to support the practitioners free of charge and welcome new Brainspotters as well!  

Original setting:

Brainspotting via telemedicine for therapeutic/psychological (online) work in the context of the corona virus and, as a result, social distancing.At this monthly online meeting, Mag. Baumann has been giving a brief input or overview of the current situation since April 2. Afterwards it should be openly addressed where colleagues need support and the community helps each other with incentive ideas.  


  • 23. February (start 17:45)
  • 07. April 
  • 16. June 
  • 22. September 
  • 17. November 

Minimum Prerequisite: completed Phase 1 training

Please ensure that you are undisturbed during the session.  


By clicking on the following link, you declare your explicit agreement with these points and confirm their compliance!

  • Use of the tool “Zoom” 

  • Participation takes place with the knowledge that data misuse or theft cannot be excluded with absolute certainty despite the utmost care of all parties involved.

  • You confirm not to take any kind of recording of the session.

  • If examples are brought up from practice, change the client information so that they cannot be identified. 

Meeting-ID: 833 4940 7346 |  Password: BSP-Treff 

The link is only active shortly before the meeting. 

Regular start at 17:15. 


More about Zoom and its initial installation:
We have been working with the program for a long time and are also using a secure payment version where we can change the server location. Despite all the efforts of the providers, we advise you to use a password upon registration that you do not use anywhere else. Here you will find details about the privacy policy of Zoom. You can expect an adequate level of data protection if US companies have a privacy shield certificate, as is the case with Zoom: 

To participate, you need an Internet-capable device (PC, notebook, tablet, cell phone, …) which is equipped with a microphone, camera and speakers or headphones, and a stable Internet connection. 

Handling – may vary, depending on the selected device:  
After you click on the link, you may be prompted [if opening in the browser does not work. Zoom recommends using Chrome] to save a small file. 
Then you will be asked if you want to open the link with the “Zoom” application. Please open the link.
Then you can enter your name – you can also use an acronym.
To be able to use the software, you must agree to the terms of use of “Zoom” the first time you run it. If you are asked whether you want to join the audio (+video) via computer, confirm this (otherwise the transfer will not work)! Now the online session can begin.