The webinars are held with an online conferencing tool that we have been using for years and which is easy to use. During a webinar, you have the opportunity to ask questions.

Find a 1-minute video explaining how the online software Zoom works here

90 minutes 

If you do not attend a live webinar, you will need to purchase the recording in order to watch it later on. 

Prerequisite for participation:
Previously completed Phase1 training + Internet-capable terminal with video function (laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc.) 

Here you find all of our previously held webinars. If you want to purchase past webinars, go here and you can watch them again and again! 


12. Sep 2022 17:30 | Andreas Kollar | BSP mit Menschen mit psychotischem Erleben | German only
€ 20,00 excl. 20 % Vat.
04. Oct 2022 17:00 | Monika Baumann + Petra Laimer-Schroll | BSP mit Familien | German only

Monika Baumann und Petra Laimer-Schroll werden Fälle anonymisiert schildern und besprechen, wie Arbeit mit Familien gut funktionieren kann. 

Aufgrund der Fallbesprechungen wird es von diesem Webinar keine Aufzeichnung geben – es steht im Anschluss nicht zum Nachkauf zur Verfügung. 
€ 20,00 excl. 20 % Vat.

from 20,00 excl. 20 % Vat.

Before you register, please read our terms and conditions and note that only one date can be booked per order process.