Phase 3

The first two days are dedicated to the latest developments in Brainspotting techniques (content that is not taught in Phase 1 + 2). 
Day 1: Advanced Gazespotting, advanced Z-axis BSP (BrainSweeps and surroundings).

Day 2: Double spotting, part spotting

Day 3, Morning: The BSP Sports Trauma Model (described in "This is your brain on Sports" by Grand and Goldberg) will be taught and demonstrated with a professional athlete. The 15 guidelines for improving performance and creativity will be presented.

Day 3, Afternoon: Applications of creativity enhancement will be presented, including a demonstration of BSP Acting Coaching with an actor who will perform a monologue. 


Read more about the last Phase3 date in Vienna in 2019 here. (German only)


13. Oct 2023 bis 15. Oct 2023 | David Grand | Wien | ONLINE

David Grand wird sich online aus New York zuschalten. Sie können ebenfalls online oder mit Monika Baumann und Kolleg*innen gemeinsam in Wien teilnehmen.  
Seminar auf Englisch, mit Live-Übersetzung ins Deutsche (und andere Sprachen). 

Zeiten: 13:00 – 21:00 CEST

David Grand will be joining online from New York. You can participate online or with Monika Baumann and colleagues in Vienna. 

€ 645,00 excl. 20 % Vat.

from 645,00 excl. 20 % Vat.

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