Understanding and Relating with Dissociation in Treatment

In this training, Mario C. Salvador (International BSP Trainer, Head of Brainsptting Spain, Author) will present the phenomenology of dissociation.
People dissociate under two conditions: When they experience something overflowing or when there is a lack of protective and sheltering social support. Therefore, a key factor is establishing a safe environment and offering a present and compassionate relationship. 

  • You will deepen relational attunement through "limbic listening"
  • Address an understanding of the defense system based on the "topography of the survival system" 
    to facilitate you entering into a relationship with the client and their protective system.
  • Furthermore, you will also connect all this to how you work in Brainspotting. 

This workshop focuses on dissociation as a mechanism of division of the internal world of fragmentation. The key conditions to trigger this mechanism were living through something unbearable and the lack of social relation with someone present and protective. Brainspotting is a relational model, so it is proposed that the answer to dissociation is connection. Therapists are taught how to establish a relationship with the patient's defense systems so that they can accept letting go of the trauma. Models and set-ups for relational work and work with neurological attunement are proposed.
Theoretical expositions will be combined with Q&As, live therapy demonstrations, case supervision, and short practicums.

Lecture in Vienna or online participation is possible.
Prerequisite: Already completed Brainspotting Phase 1 Training  

The detailed seminar schedule will be sent to you after registration. 

Mario C. Salvador is a Senior Trainer for Brainspotting in Spain as well as internationally and for the Aleceia Model for Trauma. He is the director of Brainspotting España www.aleces.com.

He is also the author of the books

  • Beyond the Self, Healing Emotional Trauma
  • Who Am I? From Dissociation to Integration

and co-author of The Power of Brainspotting.


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