Brainspotting- Counseling with Andreas Kollar

My approach to Brainspotting  

My way to Brainspotting was via EMDR, where I was about to finish my education. But after my first Brainspotting seminar it was immediately clear to me in which direction I would go on, and so I switched. 

I have been working with Brainspotting for many years in different settings, which shows the great variability of this method. I was able to gain a lot of experience in psychiatric institutions with varying treatment periods (acute care, day clinic, monthly “rehab”), in sports psychology, and of course in private practice. Everywhere there I could experience again and again with people and their manifold questions, how profound and at the same time, gentle change processes become possible.

With Hypnosystemics (based on Gunther Schmidt) I have found a framework that perfectly supports and completes my psychological work. On a higher level, I can say that I am happy every time the opportunity arises to work with Brainspotting because it is also good for me to experience the art and power of silence in treatments. 


Clinical psychologist and health psychologist 

​Field of Work

Adolescents and adults up to an advanced age, acute crisis situations or difficulties, coming to terms with trauma sequelae, psychoses or disorders from the psychiatric field, psychosomatic topics, support in chronic illness, performance topics, couple topics.

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